Beginners Tips to Authoritative Parenting Skills

Beginners Tips to Authoritative Parenting Skills

When it comes to parenting skills, there are 4 common styles that we parents use when raising our children. These are authoritative parenting, permissive parenting, uninvolved parenting and authoritarian parenting. In this article I briefly explain all there is to know about the authoritative method of parenting.

The authoritative style of parenting includes numerous different characteristics such as:

* Listening to children

* Reasoning with them

* Encouraging independence

* Administering routine and fair disciplinary procedures

* Allowing and encouraging children to express thoughts and opinions

* Nurturing and loving children openly

* Setting boundaries, consequences and expectations on children’s behavior

This parenting style is regarded as a good balance of allowing children to have fun and be open as well as teaching them right from wrong, by enforcing disciplinary actions for bad and unacceptable behavior. Such parenting style sets rules and expectations that carry consequences if not followed, but at the same time it enables parents to be more willing to take their children’s feelings into consideration when creating rules and setting boundaries.

Although this style of parenting does include consequences when rules are broken, authoritative parents are flexible. They use consequences instead of punishments as a way of preventing children from breaking rules by behaving unacceptably. If there are diminishing circumstances, children are allowed to explain and justify their actions and their form of discipline will be altered accordingly. Children with authoritative parents tend to have happier dispositions, develop good social skills, are self-confident in their abilities and learning new skills, have good regulation and control of emotions.

However, the authoritative parenting style is not all about meting out punishments, it’s about encouraging the use of more positive consequences to reinforce good behavior; such as using rewards, incentives and praise for acceptable behavior.

Authoritative parenting style expects the parent, in this instance the father, to act as a role model and behave in the same way his children are expected to behave. In doing so he is  enabling his children to copy, adopt and internalize good behavior and subsequently, display such controlled behavior. Consistent rules teach and allow children to know what to expect and what is expected of them.

Such parenting style works well because it does not singlehandedly demand obedience from the children, it expects parents to display good behavior and exercise a good level of emotional understanding and control, this in turn creates an automatic expectancy in children, to adopt good behavior and exercise care and control. Thus making them well tuned adults, able to focus on life goals, and become successful individuals.

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