The Earth Person: Traits & Tips on Overcoming Their Unique Challenges

The Earth Person: Traits & Tips on Overcoming Their Unique Challenges

We are all parts of Mother Nature. So we all have a mix of the four natural elements—Earth, Fire, Air, and Water—in us. Every element imparts certain specific physical and emotional characteristics in us. Some people have more of one element than others. For instance, you may have more of the Fire element in you. So you will have a different mental and emotional makeup than your sibling who may have more Air or Water in them.

So what does the Earth person think and act like?

The Psychology of the Earth Person

Image by Angela Marie Henriette

Think of the ground beneath your feet. You can feel it; it is real. It is stable, and it yields fruits, vegetables, and crops that sustain you. So the earth is also useful. The Earth person has similar characteristics.

The Earth person is practical; their head is not in the clouds. Grounded, you might say. They are hard-working individuals who go about achieving their modest and realistic goals methodically, purposefully, and diligently. They are dependable and will keep your secrets close to their heart. They are a loyal friend, a responsible and caring spouse, and a dependable employee.

They lives for real experiences and care for what is functional, which is not to say that they are not artistic or creative. They have loads of creativity and a strong aesthetic sense. They appreciate beautiful objects that are also useful.

The Earth person has strong homing instincts. They not only love their home but also want to return to it at the end of the day. Living out of suitcases is not their preferred way of living. Think of the roots of a tree that reach deep into the ground, and you will get the idea.

The Challenges of the Earth Person

For all their stellar qualities, the Earth person also has their limitations. After all, too much of a good thing can be bad.

For one, the Earth person is set in their ways, habits, and thought patterns. They refuse to entertain new ideas even when life demands reordering priorities and rethinking strategies. Their motto is: it’s my way or the highway. This streak of stubbornness has cost many an Earth person plum jobs and loving and nurturing relationships.

The pie in the sky is not for the Earth person, but they also lack the boldness to dream big and follow through with their plans. You may blame it on their strong sense of rootedness, but in reality, a fear of failure and an unwillingness to step out of their comfort zones keep them from exploring new territories. The Earth person is not excited by novelty or innovation, a trait that keeps them from enjoying new and exciting experiences and adventures.

If you are an Earth person, there is no need to mope. You may have been created this way, but your mind is more flexible than you think. Rebooting is easy. Here’s how.

1. Learn to let go of control. Go with the flow.

Do you think we can control everything that happens in our lives? We can’t.

Do you think life always unfolds the way you plan it? It doesn’t.

So why be a control freak and lose out on all the beautiful experiences life has to offer?

Going with the flow doesn’t mean you don’t do your homework. It means to accept whatever is happening in your life and change your plans accordingly. It means being able to accept that your plans were not fool-proof and that you will have to change tracks.

If you can go with the flow, you will spare yourself the stress of planning till eternity and then beating yourself up when the plans fail. When you let go of the control freak in you, you open yourself to more exciting adventures in life.

2. Believe that the Universe has your good in mind.

The Earth person recognizes only what is real and tangible. But you need to realize that we are also more than our physical selves. We are connected to the Universe, which is an infinite reserve of wisdom and insights. The Universe loves you, wants to protect you from all that is ill in the world, and tries to guide you through the turbulent waters of Life. It has your back. Period.

So if the Universe is there to take care of you, what’s stopping you from taking a few risks and venturing out to explore unknown territories? Get out of the rut; you now have an ally by your side!

3. Bring some fire, air, and water into your life. Go in for a Feng Sui makeover.

While you are going about taming your mind, add a few Feng Shui elements in your life to balance the effects of too much Earth. Add a little fire, a bit of water, and some air to create harmony. Water symbols like sea shells, fountain, or an aquarium help sharpen your intuition, so you feel more in sync with the Universe. A bit of the color red around you, a lamp, or a few candles will boost your fire element. You can light an incense stick to add the air element.

If you are an Earth person, believe that you have it in you to overcome your challenges and evolve into a person who is capable of living a balanced life.

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