How to Be Happy in Life in 3 and a Half Steps

How to Be Happy in Life in 3 and a Half Steps

After graduating from the Happy University of Stanford, I mastered in Cheerful Sciences, a few years after that, I began to teach my specialty at a local University and I am writing this article to share my knowledge with readers.

Did you believe a word I’ve said? I hope not. There is no school in this world that will teach you how to be happy and certainly no stranger will ever be able to know exactly what can push that special button.

There are certain moments in life which are extremely personal. These moments differ among individuals and are known to trigger powerful emotions. No matter how well you can communicate, you will never be able to share the exact feeling that a particular experience has given you. Happiness is one of those unique feelings.

This is why the only one, who will ever teach you something about becoming happy, rests hidden in a dusty corner of your own mind.

The true purpose of this article is to help you dig him out, so he can guide you to an accomplished and happy life.

Since I did promise you 3 and half steps, let’s see them.

Step one: Know thyself!

You might look like a mature person who takes life seriously, but who are you deep down inside? Look at yourself from your own perspective, not the way your friends see you, not in the way your career is going, not even through the eyes of your children. Reach deep inside your soul and see what you really long for. Your life as an adult might have changed you and society definitely took its toll on you, but when you will be done pealing all the layers, you will see that your inner child still wishes for the same things. Acknowledge your true desires.

Step two: Try it out!

After accomplishing the surprisingly difficult task of looking into your inner mirror, do something about it. Don’t just wait until forever or for the right moment. Pick one on your favorite things, which you never got to do and satisfy your thirst by acting now. It doesn’t matter if you want something big or small. It could be anything: from a trip to Paris, which was postponed over and over again, to reading a book under your favorite tree. Give your soul what it wants and sometimes that could be the simplest of things.

The key to happiness is found under a rock, placed at the front door of your mind.


Step three: If you’re happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it!

That might be a cheerful song of our childhood, but the truth is that our face shows every emotion that we feel. The weird part about this idea is that the opposite also applies, Smiling makes you happy. Dr. Paul Ekman, an American Psychologist, is a pioneer in the study of emotion and facial expressions and he discovered, through his extensive research, that the connection between an emotion and its expression can actually be reversed. This means that if you mimic an emotion for long enough, you will actually begin to feel it. So, next time that you are grumpy and sad, try smiling to everyone you meet, and the sentiment will surely follow.

Step three and a half: The small things…

We are all busy, overworked, stressed, and overwhelmed with responsibilities, half of which we didn’t want in the first place, but the small things that we enjoy are still there to make us happy, if only we could look at them for just a moment.

Take just a second of your time to appreciate the particular details which give your spirit joy. The forest will still be there if you look at the trees.

I remember finding happiness in a simple moment. It was a summer morning, just after Sunrise, I was half asleep with a cup of hot coffee in my hand and I decided to open the window and there laid in front of me the purest of feelings, in the shape of a bee that decided to land on a flower at the exact moment when the breeze hit my face.

When was your last “happy epiphany”?

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