On Emotions and How to Deal With Them: Ameen, Spiritual Teacher

On Emotions and How to Deal With Them: Ameen, Spiritual Teacher

ameenAmeen is a modern day spiritual teacher who preaches the path to enlightenment through self-awareness. Currently living in Ibiza, Ameen lives with his wife and children while spreading his teachings. Spirit Charger is releasing a series of Ameen’s take on life, love and the interpretation of it all. In this part, he talks about what emotions are, and what is the best way to handle them.

What is the role of emotions in our lives?

Emotions are like the receptors of the soul. With emotions we feel the environment around us, we’re in tune with it, we are sensitive to it, we allow the environment to touch us deeply. It’s what makes us interact in a beautiful way as human beings.

The only problem is, is when the ego starts to identify the emotions and creates drama. We can experience emotions, as long as it comes from a non-egoistis space. Then, emotions are felt deeply because there is no identification. We don’t ask “why is life treating me this way;” instead we experience emotions even more; we feel the sadness as if it was magnified. It means that life is touching us; otherwise, feeling emotions from a space of realization would lose its aspect of the sensitivity to life. So emotions are necessary, but should be observed from a place of perspective.

The more difficult and painful emotions to handle: anger, despair and so on, what is the best way to deal with them?

Emotions like anger and despair come from the egoistic spaces and their root is basically fear. These emotions that are generated by fear belong to the level of the mind and the ego.

For human beings there is a strong pull to identify these emotions and relive them, because it gives us an appearance of ‘me’, the separate ‘me’. The way to deal with them is to watch them and see how our mind is in an endless movement of identifications. People experience endless emotions every day, they identify with them and they then become many people, one minute they are happy, the next they are sad. There is a space beyond that which is full of content, without becoming a certain emotion; feeling it without identifying with it. People are scared of emptiness, which is why they feel the strong pull to identify with their emotions.

From the bigger picture aspect, every fear is an illusion. My advice is to watch yourself – there is a space that is beyond fear and beyond ourselves. It sounds very simple, but really this is a process which humans go through where there are no easy answers. The true process of watching and becoming objective is difficult and requires one to rest in silence, in a larger space than your mind.

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