On Happiness and Living in the Moment: Ameen, Spiritual Teacher

On Happiness and Living in the Moment: Ameen, Spiritual Teacher

ameenAmeen is a modern day spiritual teacher who preaches the path to enlightenment through self-awareness. Currently living in Ibiza, Ameen lives with his wife and children while spreading his teachings. Spirit Charger is releasing a series of Ameen’s take on life, love and the interpretation of it all. In this part,

What is the formula for living life from moment to moment?

There are no formulas to experiencing life. Whether you seek happiness, freedom, or realization, living life from moment to moment is a result of starting to realize your future self.

People believe that there is ignorance and enlightenment, but the reality is there’s a huge spectrum in between. If I go to the street and take 100 people, I will see everyone is at a different stage of spiritual development – one is lost in thought, and the other is fully connected. Even after the so-called enlightenment, there are still different levels of realization. Living from moment to moment is a result of how deeply you are resting in silence, because not being in the moment is basically triggered by being pulled by thinking about past or future. The more meditative you are, the more you manage to be in the moment.

Still, pulled by their thinking process some people experience being in the moment a few times in the day. They think to themselves, wow, I was so in the moment and it was beautiful, and that helps them meet that space again because they remember the good feeling of being present. But there are people who experience it only in meditation retreats. I was sitting there in front of my guru and everything was there, everything was perfect. And then there are people who are always there – they are the moment. It is a result of where you are in relationship to your true self.

How can we be happy? What does it take for us to be happy?

Your emotions are also affected by where you are on this spectrum. To feel happy, happiness not contingent on others or events, one needs to give up the hope of becoming happy. Happiness is again the misunderstanding of that freedom. It is within yourself when you recognize yourself as an ongoing entity, and its the ego wants to be happy. A large part of it is constantly chasing gratification. This gratification will add fullness to what you define to be your identity. When something happens that gives you a certain hope to become something, or if we feel that we can become something that will give us a sense of completion, it’s simply an identification with ideas that we have about ourselves. But it doesn’t work.

The ego is very funny and very childish. The ego identifies with the external and when he achieves that happiness it’ll eventually wear off in the next day or two when another external thing happens that takes away the happiness. This happens because we try to create our identity by identifying with the things that happen around us and these things don’t always turn out right, so then our motions go up and down according to happiness and sadness.

The opposite of suffering is not happiness. Beyond suffering and happiness is something else – call it what you want but liberation is getting out of that cycle of sadness and happiness. I remember one of the first things that I noticed after my liberation was that I can feel happy without anyone. It was pretty strange. The happiness of the ego is, again – not to sound judgmental when I say it – but happiness is a very flat experience, a very shallow experience. It’s like fireworks that light up in the sky and fade away two seconds later.

Would you use the word joy instead of happiness or is that the same?

It’s the same. It’s also the same to talk about bliss. When I experience reality and absolute consciousness it’s a constant state of gratitude for life. Gratitude alone, and humility.

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