On Spiritual Journeys & Enlightement: Ameen, Spiritual Teacher

On Spiritual Journeys & Enlightement: Ameen, Spiritual Teacher

Ameen is a modern day spiritual teacher who preaches the path to enlightenment through self-awareness. Currently living in Ibiza, Ameen lives with his wife and children while spreading his teachings. Spirit Charger is releasing a series of Ameen’s take on life, love and the interpretation of it all. In this final part of the series, he talks about enlightenment and evolution.

How would you define enlightenment and does it even exist?

Realization is composed of what human beings call enlightenment. It is realizing a state of being within an internal space. With our mind we recognize ourselves in relationship to the outside world. Who we are is created by this relationship: we have our country, we have our name. When so-called enlightenment happens, there is a shift in consciousness. There is still a certain name to this body – but this is not the only you that you are.

There is a huge misunderstanding regarding enlightenment among people. A lot of them are not there yet, so they tend to surround it with a lot of mystification. Instead, it is very simple; this is what it’s about.

Is there an internal work one must go through to reach this state of no-attachment (in a practical sense?)

Of course, it is a lot of work *laughing*

To detach yourself from this relationship to who you think you are is another milestone entirely. Since I’ve witnessed all kinds of efforts that human beings go through, I realized spiritual work is the most difficult one. It requires so many qualities of us, and to utilize so many qualities is to go against ourselves. It actually means to pull ourselves from the ground by our own hair – but somehow it works. It is a mystery; first of all you need an uncompromising passion which goes beyond your limitations and fears. For you to demand to get your sanity means to do more than just become aware, work better in my day to day, and have a better social life; it is a demand to end suffering.

I believe that if a person does not have the strong will within themselves, a transformation will not occur. There are different levels, but to make a transformation that doesn’t waiver and is stable requires a deep yearning for sanity; an inner commitment for sanity. That’s the base of the spiritual work. I always give an example: when you’re underwater you really need air, you don’t have to think about it you just want to go back up above the water. It’s when you’ve completely had enough that this intention, this uncompromising intention, puts you on the road to transformation. Unfortunately, very, very few people have it.

Usually with suffering what happens is people suppress it or take drugs, or build a certain façade around it. You are not supposed to escape your suffering but to acknowledge your suffering. That was my way. Everyone has their own way but that was mine. To pull myself out of the constraining reality. Everyone has their own journey, everyone is different. But the base of it for most people is a demand to end suffering. To end suffering without telling yourself stories; there is nothing really glamorous about it. There is no need to identify with anything; the problem with the ego is that it always wants to identify something. When you’re on the schedule – your so called journey – you start to identify with something and then you have lost the whole point. Finally, when you reach the point when you just are and you’re not identifying yourself with anything, this is when you’re free. There’s nothing more humble about the act of ending suffering. When that happens, a deep sincerity takes its place and we look at everything, investigating all aspects of ourselves and seeing what is actually happening.

In that space, does your evolution ever come to an end or does it continue forever?

So this is the beautiful thing because the term consciousness does not evolve. The beautiful thing about being human beings is that when we realize ourselves as conscious beings in a conscious way – consciousness manifests itself in a conscious way. It adds a beautiful dimension to creativity. So on the absolute level there is no development, but being human there’s still a lot of growth happening. But this growth is much more conscious; it has no interference, so it can manifest our potential. For a person who realizes themselves as absolute consciousness, there is no resistance to growth anymore. Human beings have a lot of resistance to evolve therefore there’s pain. But after achieving consciousness, you basically don’t demand to have your own way anymore. You don’t block yourself, you just flow.

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