On Teaching & Reaching Self-Realization in a Modern World: Ameen, Spiritual Teacher

On Teaching & Reaching Self-Realization in a Modern World: Ameen, Spiritual Teacher

ameenAmeen is a modern day spiritual teacher who preaches the path to enlightenment through self-awareness. Currently living in Ibiza, Ameen lives with his wife and children while spreading his teachings. Spirit Charger is releasing a series of Ameen’s take on life, love and the interpretation of it all. In this part, Ameen talks about his own realization process and what it means to be in a state of non-duality, and give some tips related to the spiritual journey.

What was the process that led you to be a spiritual teacher? When did you feel the calling to be a spiritual teacher?

What led me to share the space of non-duality – this is what I do as a teacher – is a process called spiritual awaking. But of course there is a difference between resting and non-duality, which is expressing it to the public. I decided to share with the public when I felt a discrepancy between my life – who I was in the world to who I really was. It felt like I was being really opposite – and I wasn’t. It was a lot of pain to live a certain façade that I wasn’t anymore. I had realized my own eternal emptiness but I was still playing the role of what was left. But that was only a thin layer of me. And the whole me was eternal.

On a personal level I never wanted to share the eternal with people because I didn’t have the tools, like my personality, for this kind of calling, to sit in from of a crowd…etc… I was pretty eh. I didn’t have any experience and wasn’t ever spiritual, so I wasn’t inclined to take part in the spiritual social scene, where it is necessary to interact with the crowd.

But the spiritual crowd, I never felt connected to. It was a bit different to find my place and how to go about it. Above all I didn’t have the education; I didn’t know the terms. It was a very difficult undertaking.

Even when I was starting to teach, it was a pretty challenging experience. It took me quite a few years to feel confident enough to express what I wanted to express, the way I wanted to express it. Realizing your eternal self doesn’t erase your personality. You have all kinds of blocks which remain. I never wanted to share but I had no choice, because it didn’t feel authentic. The beauty of realization is you cannot lie to yourself anymore (or you can, but it’s a lot more difficult) [laughing].

What would you say are the greatest challenges of the spiritual person today? Are they any different to challenges in other eras?

Compared to past decades, the greatest challenges of a spiritual person carry much more weight these days.

Here’s a metaphor: I went to India in the early 90’s and it was so much easier. At the time, when you were traveling you could really lose yourself. It was more difficult to communicate with the west; you even had to go to the post office to make a phone call. So going to India was really throwing yourself into the mystery, one where you could really disconnect yourself.

Now people have cellphones. When they travel around they’re accompanied by phones, tablets, the internet – multiple ways to always feel connected. In the world today there are many more distractions that take away from the silence of being in the here and now. When I see human beings, we’re constantly with technology. We’re not in the here and now. You really have to make a conscious effort to get yourself away from the gadget.

Nowadays it’s even more difficult to stay within yourself. Even when you go to a music concert, people are standing with their phones filming it –  already thinking about getting it for later, for the future. They’re not present. It’s pretty scary in a way- imagine a world in 2030 or 40 years later, people won’t be able to find themselves anymore and connect to their true selves. There should be silence and a chance to be alone. Then you start to get in touch with the deeper layer of yourself. But first, you need a supportive environment.

What would you recommend a person who lost their desire for spirituality?

If one is looking to reach their goal of self-awareness in a modern world, they should look at where their desires lay, and where they’ve shifted. Ask yourself, is the answer really there? Because I can see it being very difficult. It is very frustrating for human beings who are on this so-called  spiritual search wanting to find an answer. There is so much information out there right now, especially with the internet. With so many teachers it is very easy to get lost in the process.

The process is not quick either. In a world where everything moves fast, the mind is used to getting answers very quickly. The thing is with spiritual liberation, it’s much slower. You need a really good guide to walk you through it. Good guides are rare out there. But if you come from an authentic space, and you find the right person, you’ll have a more fulfilling experience.

So one tip is to find the right guide. You should not give up. People tend to find a teacher and then project onto them that they are God Almighty, that they can have all the answers  – and that is when we get disappointed.The teachers are only human beings. So the point is not to get disappointed and give up the entire search. The teacher did their best but we’ve evolved, so now we move on. We push forward and have faith. Sanity is out there, keep going.

My second tip: Never give up. Most people give up, but you don’t give up!

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