How to Overcome Fears and Live Life to the Fullest

How to Overcome Fears and Live Life to the Fullest

The range of human emotions is amazing. From childhood to old age, we experience so many feelings that you couldn’t fit them in a trilogy of novels. There are great feelings, not so nice feelings, bad feelings and horrible feelings. However, there is one particular feeling that stands out in this crowd and it’s possibly the worst of them all, and that feeling is fear.

Being afraid or anxious is immobilizing. Fear binds people and doesn’t allow them to enjoy life the way they should. It comes in different forms like fear of heights, fear of being surrounded by people, claustrophobia and many, many others. Some of the fears may be quite uncommon. Unbelievably there is such a thing as fear of…cupcakes.

No matter what your fear is, it is preventing you from going through experiences that you might love.
Many people believe that fear itself can never be conquered only tamed. Those who overcame their fears will tell you that fear can be conquered and forgotten. Basically,  there is only one way to vanquish fear and that is by facing it. Nevertheless, in most cases, you need to take baby steps, and we are going to show you how.

1st Baby Step – Remember Other Fears You Had

You will need to find a quiet place to relax and remember vividly a fear you had. You can go as far in the past, as you’d like. Take for example the fear of needles you had as a child (unless this is your fear now). Remember how afraid you were back then, how it made you cry or yell or rendered you unable to do anything. Afterwards, think about how you feel about that now. How it doesn’t represent a threat anymore, how you’ve outgrown it and overcome it. This is an important step because experience is our door to belief and realization that the task ahead is a real possibility.

2nd Baby Step – Recognize, Acknowledge and Express Your Fear

In our society, we are forced to hide our fear, to suppress it and to pretend that we are fearless. What is the best way for a negative emotion to gain strength? You guessed it: suppression.

Accept the fact that you are afraid, think about it, analyze it, write it down and express it in appropriate places. Don’t judge yourself for being afraid. Consider it a simple fact, a behavior that exists until you will change it, like you did with all other fears.

3rd Baby Step – Know Thy Enemy

Fear is an obscure feeling and the reasons you fear something may not have much to do with the object of your emotions. Take a piece of paper and meditate on the reasons behind your fear. Write down when you first experienced it and try to connect it to hidden reasons. Some people fear the dark because at some point in life they had a traumatic experience in the dark. This experience could have been as simple as being frightened by a weird sound at an early age. Write down everything you know about your fear.

4th Baby Step – Explore Your Fear

Being afraid is never a fun experience, but sometimes you need to know the extent of your fears and what is your worst behavior, when you are exposed to your limits. To be able to do this you need to gradually place yourself in the situation that frightens you. Knowing that you are doing it as an experiment, might actually take some of the pressure away. While experiencing the fear, take a mental note of everything that is happening to you and of the feelings that are overwhelming you. After you remove yourself from the situation, keep asking yourself what is the worst that can happen. ask this again and again until you reach the very worst situation. At that point, tell yourself that no matter which pain this causes you, you will face it. As simple as that.

The Step

Well… you already know this, but the only real way to escape your fear is to face it and prove yourself that you can survive whatever it is. So, go ahead and place yourself in the situation you fear until you completely eliminate this negative feeling from your life. Nevertheless, be wise about it.

Do it slow. Start by imagining yourself in the fearful situation, and then imagine yourself living without that fear.

Fear doesn’t have to rule your life, you can and should challenge yourself to not be afraid. By doing so, you will be able to explore new limits of your mind and soul. The best part about not being tortured by fear is that you will learn to do new things, you will meet new people, see new places and enjoy life to the fullest.

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