How to Restore Your Self Image when You Feel Like there’s Nothing Left

How to Restore Your Self Image when You Feel Like there’s Nothing Left

Life can be a cruel hard place. It can knock you down, stomp on your head, kick you in the stomach, and then, just for good measure, sit on your chest to make sure you can’t breathe. Most of us have experienced life in its cruelest, harshest form. A bitter and painful divorce, a spouse or partner being unfaithful, being fired or retrenched from a job, being in an abusive relationship for many years… There are so many different scenarios of life that can break down a person’s livelihood, self-respect and dignity and leave you broken, lost, and hopeless.  Sometimes our lives are so shattered that it’s hard to even begin imagining where to start to put the pieces back together again. We are so broken that none of the pieces fit. We become consumed with fear, frightened at the world, ourselves and of change.

Change, however, is something that only needs a slight whisper of a breath being whispered, to start stirring. She needs just the faintest hint of a positive thought being thought, to come into life. She hears beyond words, beyond actions – she is born in hearts that still have the desire to live even though there doesn’t always seem to be something to live for. Change is an incredible thing. And it waits for you – all you need is a heart, and a little bit of will.


Where do I begin?

Where does one begin to restore oneself after such trauma? You start with your spirituality. Bitterness, unforgiveness and anger, is a vicious cancer that will keep you in bondage and destroy your life. Before you can ever hope of being restored, you need to make a list of everyone who has ever wronged you, including yourself, and you need to forgive them fully and completely. You need to let go of all the anger and the resentment, and once that has been done, you may never go back there. You won’t be living there anymore. Only with a clean spirit no longer in bondage, will you now be open to receiving blessing and healing. Commit time every day to spend improving your spirituality and find peace in your heart, in order to find yourself again.


Finding you

Start to know yourself again. Spend time assessing what your strongest points are and start building on your most beautiful attributes. Forgive yourself for past mistakes and start affirming your bright new future for yourself. Teach yourself the power of positive thinking, and do not allow yourself to think negative thoughts any longer – not about yourself, and not about others. Start realizing that you alone can change your future for the better, by making better decisions and training your mind to think differently. Start reading self-improvement books and listen to audio books of the same nature. Find what you are passionate about and start pouring your energy into that. Start helping people in need – the raw joy on a needy person’s face when you help them in a situation of need is priceless and wonderful medicine for the soul. Smile more. Smile, even if it’s just at yourself in the mirror. The physiological advantages of smiling have been proven over and over again, and it is definitely an immediate “pick-me-up”.  Get out of bed each morning with purpose; spend some time grooming yourself and prettying yourself up – it doesn’t have to be for anyone except yourself.  Pray, pray, pray, and believe with your whole heart that great and wonderful things are headed your way. Prepare yourself for the blessings you are about to receive. Open your heart to love again. Become curious again. Break open the gift of your life as if you have never seen it before, and embrace it with renewed excitement. The process is slow, but it is definite. And the rewards are endless. Begin your journey today.

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