The Secret to Living an Inspired Life

The Secret to Living an Inspired Life

Life is long and boring…wait, what? This is not an article about how plain and annoying life is, it’s the opposite. But really, we spend most of our life going to school, going to work, coming home and doing boring chores and none of these sound inspiring or fun.

Well, life is a journey, and t’s not as long as we imagine it to be, so the best way to live an inspired life is to create the perfect environment for yourself.

How? It’s not as difficult as you think.

•    Wake up with a smile on. This is no easy task, when the day is new and caffeine hasn’t been pumped in our veins….we tend to be grumpy. Nevertheless, do an effort and force yourself to smile. Scientists found a connection between emotions and their expressions, and it is a proven fact that if you force an expression, in a short while, its feeling will arise, and what could be more inspiring than feeling happy?

•    Pay attention to the little things, those who you’d normally completely ignore. Look at people’s faces and appreciate them, drink your first glass of water as if you were in the desert, listen for the sounds of the city, take the first sip of coffee and truly savor it. Pay attention to the way you are walking, to the things people next to you are saying, and don’t forget to look up at the sky.

•    Remember your dreams and follow them. Most of the things we dream of aren’t unrealistic, but we always tend to postpone them until “later”. This is one of those things that elderly people regret, and it’s always better to regret doing something than not doing anything. So, make your dreams a priority, because they can point to the direction you are afraid to take and facing our fears liberates us.

•    Get unstuck. In life we often think that we are stuck in a certain situation, and we can’t feel good or do anything new, until something comes (out of the blue) and the situation changes. The only way to start living your life in an inspired way is to just make a decision – any decision will do as long as you make a move. So gather your thoughts and your strength and decide to take a step, even if it will turn out to be a mistake. It will take a bit of courage, but you only have one life and you can’t afford to waste it in circumstances that make you feel bad.

•    Each year, go somewhere new. At least once a year, take the time to visit a new place, a place you think you’d like. Once there, explore the premises and if there are people, and it’s not a secluded island, meet the locals, participate in traditional activities, and maybe, why not, make a few new friends. This place can be anywhere in the world, even close to home. The point is that most of the times being inspired is a simple matter of going on vacation and not worrying about either the future or the past – just being in the present. That can inspire you to do the same when you go back home.
Living an inspired life sounds like something an artist would do. You can picture Michelangelo living an inspired life, but when it comes to you, you probably see it mostly grey with shades of blue, and that’s on a good day. Well, we do tend to overcomplicate things, that is human nature. However, if you stop for a second, follow these steps and look at the world from a different angle, you too will be able to live in colors.

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