4 Ways to Power-Up Your Day

4 Ways to Power-Up Your Day

We would all like to start up our day feeling energized and happy. But some mornings, it is difficult to drag ourselves out of bed, let alone to feel energetic and raring to go. It’s important to start the day off well and with a positive attitude. But even this can be difficult when we wake up grumpy and simply not feeling our best. If you stagger out of the bedroom in the morning and sleep walk your way around the house for the next hour, here are 4 excellent ways to power up your day and to feel good about yourself.


Positive Thoughts

You may not realize that many of the thoughts you have will be negative. They can zip in and out of your mind so quickly that they do not even become conscious thoughts. Next time you find yourself thinking less than positive thoughts try to stop yourself and change the way you think. It’s not easy to change a thinking pattern that may have been part of you for a long time but if you can start the day with positivity, it can make a big difference to the outcome of your day and how you conduct yourself. Banish negative thoughts and instead consider about all the good that you can do that day.


Bend and Stretch

If you tend to scrunch your body up in a ball at night, you may not feel as supple as you would like in the morning. Practice a little yoga, nothing too strenuous, just enough to iron out those knotted muscles and to re-energize your body. Yoga is about working with your body, so be gentle. There is no need to force yourself into positions that are too extreme for you. Just enjoy the stretch and allow the movement to flow. Just move as far as your body allows and breathe into the posture. An excellent posture to practice in the morning is the Sun Salutation. It works every part of your body and you will feel great afterwards.


Refresh your system

Drinking lemon juice and warm water first thing will also revitalize your system because it helps to balance the ph levels in your body and flushes out toxins. Packed full of vitamin C, it can help to boost your immune system, is a fantastic source of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. It can even improve your skin.



Meditation isn’t about sitting cross legged in the yoga position and meditating for hours; it is about calming the mind and learning to embrace the stillness. We have about 70,000 thoughts a day, and this equates to about 48 thoughts a minute, so when we learn to meditate, there can be great pleasure in just letting go. Meditation isn’t about thinking at all, in fact, just the opposite. Strengthen your mind and turn your refection inwards. 10 minutes of meditation to boost healing, to reduce anxieties or simply to welcome in the day can be extremely beneficial and therapeutic.

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