Surrendering is Bliss: How (and Why) to Stop Controlling and Start Surrendering

Surrendering is Bliss: How (and Why) to Stop Controlling and Start Surrendering

We human beings love to be in control of our lives. We not only plan our days and weeks months in advance but also take pains to chalk out the years ahead. And it is not only our retirement savings that we want to control. We have a fixed idea of what success should look like—a six-figure pay check, the corner office, a palatial house in the suburbs, and the latest gadgets at our disposal. We have formed in our minds how our “perfect” partner should be like. And in order to fulfill our plans, we slog at our desks while hating our jobs in our hearts. We jump from one relationship to another. But we remain generally displeased with what we have in our lives.

Stress. Discontentment. Constant fear. A reality that does not make us happy. All these stem from trying to control our lives.

But do you know you have a choice?

You can choose NOT to control your life. You can choose NOT to give in to society’s pressure to perform according to its yardstick.

Instead choose to surrender to God and She will create a reality you never even dreamed of.

Why Should You Surrender to God’s Will?

God is compassionate, and She loves you. She wants you to face and eliminate your fears so that you reach your full potential. For this, She has chalked out a plan for you, like She has for everyone else. Because God is all-knowing and has only your best interests in mind, Her plans for you will lead you to a life of abundance and love. Believe in this, and it will be easy to give up control and surrender to Her will.

Leave creation to God and just surrender!

How Can You Surrender to God’s Plans?

1. Stop complaining and let go of results

Look at your reality – which areas are working well and which aren’t? Do you not make enough money? Are you unhappy with your job? Do you have a difficult time with relationships? All these are realities God creates for you to make you face your fears, so that you can evolve and become a happier person. Find realistic solutions to problems instead of complaining about your life situation. That’s where surrendering starts. No more controlling your reality, instead – treat it as a sign from God that these are issues you HAVE to work out. Then, let go of your goals and the results you worked so hard to achieve. Find happiness and solutions in the present moment, and allow the universe to open the right doors for you, at the right time.

2. Pay attention to your emotions

When something is not right for you, your body sends out emotional signals. This is the best sign to know whether you are trying to apply control over your life. In actuality, the only thing you can control is your emotional state. And since our emotional state creates our reality – this is the best news!

Now, this does not mean that you need to stay away from the more difficult emotions. You have to find an outlet for those, one that doesn’t hurt anyone else, which will make you feel bad about yourself.

But I strayed away from the topic… let’s get back to the issue of surrender. When we are in control we feel an emotional and physical contraction. When we surrender, we feel relieved; an emotional expansion of sorts. Be very mindful of your emotions, and you will be able to constantly make sure you are surrendering and letting the universe do what it does best – create the precise reality for you.

There is a control freak in most of us. It is a tough master who does not let us rest. But it also misleads us because it is influenced by society’s perceptions and standards of success that are driven by the ego. So it does not do you any good to listen to this control freak. Instead, surrender to God’s plans for you so that you can experience greater happiness than you ever imagined existed.

Featured image by Katie Moe

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