Try Yoga for a Healthier You – All the Health Benefits of Yoga

Try Yoga for a Healthier You – All the Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has long been practiced with both fitness and spiritually enlightened enthusiasts. Why wouldn’t it be? It provides an aura of self care and begins to change your body the day you start with the poses. With the almost explosion it made into western culture over the past decade, yoga will be the mantra of the fitness world now, thanks to it being the catalyst of change by uniting your body, mind, and spirit!

Yoga: The Magical Healer


When you are focused on healing yourself naturally, yoga can help, for health and yoga are intertwined. From simple breathing exercises to gentle yoga poses and advanced postures, yoga benefits your physical health in every single way; increasing flexibility, strengthening muscles, relaxing the body, calming the mind, and centering your thoughts. A lot of research has been done and much more is still under way to establish the ever-growing list of health benefits yoga provides.

From helping you relax to healing several chronic illnesses, yoga works as a holistic therapy that tends to attack the root cause of your problem. A recent study now establishes yoga’s value for cancer patients. Meditative sun salutations, breathing techniques, and downward dog postures can significantly reduce inflammation in cancer patients, researchers claim. Cancer patients that make yoga a part of their life during treatment refer to the traditional holistic practice as a life-saver. It brings both physical and psychological relief from suffering and pain, provides them with strength to deal with the changes in their bodies as a result of the disease and harsh chemo sessions, and inspires them to accept their current reality and love themselves even more!

Stress and Yoga


Stress is often referred to as the prime cause of various physical and psychological problems in life. Your first yoga session may be the harbinger of change in your body, kick-starting your fight against stress and related disorders.

Yoga is definitely a stress reliever, making you feel relaxed, calm and cheerful; while slowing down the heart rate. A yoga routine will not only help keep your mood in full swing, but also keep a check on your blood pressure level, thus improving overall health and wellness. So eliminate the stress and anxiety out of your life by committing to regular yoga practice.

Yoga and Health: The Relationship

Let’s not forget that constant high blood pressure is a risk factor for other major disorders. A slower heart rate with a regular yoga session can benefit those with hypertension and heart disease, including those who’ve had a stroke. Yoga offers you the best way to lower blood pressure naturally and give your health a boost, thus improving your quality of life.

A University of Pennsylvania study confirms that yoga can have a favorable impact on hypertension and ease high blood pressure, with long-term health benefits. Researchers claim that yoga significantly reduces both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in patients with full-blown hypertension. The study suggests that proper yoga breathing as the more effective form of practice for hypertension patients.

Whether you are looking to build strength, overcome a battle with cancer or relieve stress, practicing yoga regularly under the guidance of a trained yoga practitioner or instructor will improve your health and change your life forever!

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