Want to lose weight? Check your emotions first

Want to lose weight? Check your emotions first

Weigh is one of those issues that torture everyone at some point. We all have small defects that bug us. Some of those defects can only be seen by the eyes of the beholder, but this doesn’t make them less annoying.
Nevertheless, packing extra weight might be a problem, and could affect your health on the long run. That is, if you are not a bodybuilder and you weight is pure muscle. In that case you would be on the safe side.
Believe it or not your weight is directly connected to how you feel. If you look around, you will notice that people who are well balanced, from a spiritual point of view, have an equally balanced weight.
So, what is the connection between food end emotions? We all know that what we put in our moths goes through the stomach and on the belly, not to our soul. Then what is the role of emotions?
Well, the answer is… as in too many cases: hormones. Let’s examine the connection and then let’s see what steps to take in order to efficiently lose weight and improve our emotional status.
When you are experiencing bad feelings like anger, regret, financial pressure, social pressure, stress, and even boredom you serotonin levels drop. Serotonin is the second “happy” hormone, the one that relaxes you and makes you feel good about life in general.
When you eat, especially sweets and pastry, your serotonin levels increase dramatically. Sadly, the story doesn’t end here. In a few hours, you will experience feeling so withdraw… meaning that you will feel bad again, even worst, so you will need to indulge in food again.
As this pattern continues you will gain more and more weight, unless something changes. And something can change. After all, you are the master of your body and hormones are just servants.
What to do to escape this vicious circle? Follow these simple steps to success:


Step 1

Examine yourself. No, not the way a doctor would. Examine your feelings and behaviors. Pay close attention to what you do, when you do it and why you do it. When you think about food, ask yourself why and make sure to answer honestly. If the answer is: “I want to eat cookies because I am tiered after a long day of work” you will realize that your hunger isn’t real.


Step 2

Write in a journal. Not a diet journal, a real one. A journal that will help you to eliminate frustration, to learn more about yourself, but also to notice bad behaviors that you don’t like. In time, this journal will become your best friend. Why? Because you will be able to see your evolution and learn from your mistakes, it will allow you to say things that remained unsaid and you will gain more confidence to express your emotions.


Step 3

Don’t be shy, share your feelings with others. Picture this: You are at work and a coworker says that she or he would love some crakes. You can answer that you too would love some, but not because you are hungry, just because you are procrastinating writing that report. This will add a bit of self-humor to the whole situation and it will also help you, and others realize that a bad behavior can be stopped just by acknowledging it.


Step 4

Replace bad emotions with good ones.
In truth, the only cure to emotional eating is healing your mind, and the best way you can do this is by doing something you love. So, what can you do when you feel down and you think you need to eat too much?
You can choose from a wide variety of relaxing activities. Here are just a few examples:
•    Go for a jog
•    Try some yoga
•    Meditate
•    Play with your children or your pets
•    Go visit a friend
•    Go dancing
•    Read a book or watch a movie
•    Ride a bicycle
•    Go hiking or camping
•    Do some gardening or go plant a tree in the middle of the forest
No matter what the emotional reason behind your eating habits is, you should know that there are always good and healthy ways to keep your mind at ease, sometimes the answer could be as simple as having more fun or seeing an old friend, and if all else fails try doing something you’ve always dreamed of doing. It doesn’t have to be something big. It just has to be special.

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