Why When We Hurt Others, We Hurt Ourselves?

Why When We Hurt Others, We Hurt Ourselves?

How often do we blurt out an angry word or show our impatience to another person without any provocation? We may blame the punishing deadline or the stress of slogging away at a job we hate or struggling to balance home and career, but the pangs of guilt do not subside quickly.

How often have we trampled on the sentiments of another person by refusing to see his point of view? We may blame our egos or that we misunderstood the person or his motivations, but we continue to feel remorseful till long afterwards.

Stress, misunderstanding, and falling prey to the ego’s whims are common reasons why we often hurt another person. Stress can snap even a self-possessed person. Misunderstandings can be genuine. The ego can bully you into reacting in a way that you repent afterwards. But the truth is that howsoever we try to justify our behavior, we still feel hurt when we hurt others.

Because we all want just one thing in life

And what is it that we all really want? To be happy! If you are reading this, it’s safe to assume that you already worked out that nothing outside of yourself can make you happy – it’s all internal. So, one of the things that absolutely does not contribute to our happiness is hurting other people – whether strangers or those who are close to us. It’s just the way we are made: hurting someone else makes us feel bad. This is one of the easiest steps you can take on your way to a happier life. Try it!

Because the guilt that comes with hurting others pollutes our world

When we are happy, our reality is a happy one. And when our reality is happy, the world is a better place. How simple is that?

So, going back to the practice of hurting others – this is usually the work of the ego and fear (which are really the same type of energy). Acting in the way of the ego always adds to the general ego in the world. And this is only one more good reason to stop listening to our ego and act only in a way that makes us feel good about ourselves. Before you do or say whatever you were about to do or say, stop and imagine yourself doing/saying: is it going to make you feel good or bad about yourself. Don’t justify, be honest and feel the emotion that this evokes. If you feel badly about it, just don’t do/say it.

Help make the world a better place and apply restraint when interacting with people.

So now you know why we hurt ourselves when we hurt others. By throwing guilt pangs and feelings of remorse at us, the universe teaches us valuable lessons of compassion and empathy. It is its way of reminding us that we have veered away from our noble selves and that we should be more cautious and restrained in future.

The world is meant to be a happy and harmonious place. There is already too much hatred and hurt all around us. We know how the other person feels when we hurt him. It is now up to us to make sure that we do not spread more hurt by being insensitive, impatient, and inconsiderate.

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