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Here are a few things you should know before writing for us:

Bio and picture – in this content-filled world, we want our users to trust the information we provide and see there are real people behind the posts we offer. For that reason, we ask that all new contributors send us a short bio (only a few lines, no more) and a picture. Don’t be shy to include links to websites and social accounts. All we ask for is that you add something personal to your bio, as opposed to just including dry details. Here is a good example of that type of bio:

“Bookworm. Movie buff. Trekker. Balcony and window sill gardener, as well as a freelance writer. When she is not reading, writing, gardening, watching movies, or up in the mountains, she loves playing with her cats.”

Word count – at least 250 words and no more than 800 is all we ask for.

Tone and style - be true to your own style but make sure your tone is accessible and honest. If you need more clarity on this, take a look at existing posts.

The type of posts that are most inspiring are ones that:

1. Tell a personal story of insight, transformation or realization. You can write about your own experience, a process you contributed to or a someone else’s story that inspired change in you. Use a very personal tone.

2. Provide very practical, easy to understand advice. Whether you are writing about Yoga poses to help with back pains, recipes, ways to de-clutter you life, a detox guide and so on, we highly recommend you add a real life story of how this advice worked for either you or someone else. Although this is not a requirement, from our experience this will make the posts more relatable and therefore, more popular.

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