7 Yoga Poses & Streches to Releave Neck Pain

7 Yoga Poses & Streches to Releave Neck Pain

Yoga poses are a group of exercises practiced to promote the control on the body and mind. The yoga poses are the part of therapeutic yoga, also known as yoga therapy. Yoga poses effective in neck pain and tenderness are given underneath:

Child Pose (Balasana):


Sit on the yoga mat (on the floor).
Now bend your knees and hips with shins on the mat and hips on the feet.
Bend upper body down and try to touch your forehead on the floor.
Chest should rest on the knees and take deep breaths.
Hold this position for 2 to 7 minutes. Then come back into sitting position.



Dolphin Pose:

dolphin Begin on both arms and legs with wrist beneath the shoulders and knees beneath the hip.
Bring the elbows to the mat keeping forearms parallel on the mat and line elbows up with the shoulders.
While holding on your forearms and palms lift your hip upward slowly and exhale.
Relax your head gently on the floor.





Cow and cat pose:


Sit down on the floor with your laps.
Keep your hand ahead of you to support yourself with your palms opposite to the floor.
Look upward to support your backbone.
While breathing deep, lift your buttock upward and lease your stomach fall.
Now again breath and return back to the old position.
Starting here right you can fall into the cat pose.

Easy Pose:

Sit down on a mat with your leg crossed.

Retain your backbone and head straight. Close your eyes and ease for 2-3 minutes.

Yogic Stretches


Yogic Stretch No. 1:

Sit down on the floor or a chair with legs crossed. Maintain your backbone straight and comfortable.

Revolve your head to the right, such that the cheek comes over the right shoulder.

Take breaths for four times while keeping your neck to the right. Experience the stretch in your neck.

Repeat this for left side by holding the breaths for four times.

After completing right and left side plunge your neck, back and hold it for four breaths. Experience an excellent stretch on your esophagus this time.

Now, touch your cheek down to your chest to sense the stretch on your neck area.

Stirring your neck to the four sides will finish one cycle. Replicate this cycle for 4-6 times.

Yogic Stretch No. 2:

Keep both your hands over your head and hold a belt with it so that your palms are opposite to each other.

While holding the belt, try to stretch your arms.

Now, touch your cheek down to your chest to feel a superior stretch in your neck.

Count up until eight breaths, then discharge the position and replicate again.

Yogic Stretch No. 3:

Keep your backbone straight either by sitting or standing.

Make your neck stretch to right side so your right ear touches right shoulder blade. To assist the stretch, casually press your left ear.

Repeat the step for left side.

Now try to move your head backside by releasing it up and then down as much as you can.

Hold for 45 seconds. Replicate again.

While working at the office take a break, stretch yourself for 2-3 minutes, and close your eyes. You may also transfer your shoulder blades changeable and revolve your neck from left to right and then up and down. By doing this your neck muscles and ligaments will obtain trivial manipulation.

Keep exercising these yoga poses and stretches of neck regularly and your neck pain will be vanished persistently.



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